Hybrid Display of Roughness , Softness and Friction Senses of Haptics

  • Published 2008


A hybrid tactile displaying method of roughness, softness and friction senses is realized by use of ultrasonic vibrator and force display. Various realistic tactile senses are displayed by controlling multiple factors. First, a tactile display system was constructed for displaying roughness, softness and friction senses, simultaneously, by compensating the interference among multiple parameters of ultrasonic vibration and force feedback on multiple tactile senses. Second, the relationship between each control parameter and the tactile senses were quantified by conducting several sensory evaluation experiments. Finally, to verify the constructed system, tactile senses of six real materials were recreated, and reality and variety of the artificial senses were compared with the tactile senses of original materials. As a result, it was verified that the correlation coefficients between real materials and hybrid artificial tactile senses displayed using our system were quite large in the evaluation items on roughness, softness and friction sense.

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