Hybrid Clustering System Applied in Patent Quality Management - Take Intelligent Car Industry for Example

  title={Hybrid Clustering System Applied in Patent Quality Management - Take Intelligent Car Industry for Example},
  author={Chin-Yuan Fan and Shu-Hao Chang},
  journal={2016 International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Management Science and Application (ICIMSA)},
  • Chin-Yuan Fan, Shu-Hao Chang
  • Published in
    International Conference on…
  • Engineering
  • Intelligent Car has been the key area of our future technology, In recent years, more and more competitors started to invest one after another. Therefore, it is essential for the researcher to track how to improve their technology and research ability in intelligent car industry area. In this research, the future development of Intelligent Car industry is discussed using patent analytic tools. First of all, related patents are searched and collated by the key words in order to determine twenty… CONTINUE READING

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