Hybrid Actors, Tactical Variety: Rethinking Asymmetric and Hybrid War

  title={Hybrid Actors, Tactical Variety: Rethinking Asymmetric and Hybrid War},
  author={Josef Schroefl and Stuart J. Kaufman},
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Wars like those in Iraq and Afghanistan should be understood as hybrid wars, wars in which elements of ethnic or tribal conflict, ideologically based insurgency, factional squabbling, and organized crime are inextricably intertwined, with the same actors playing multiple and partially conflicting roles. Hybrid war is inherently transnational, featuring transnational crime networks, “migrant warriors,” transnational diaspora links, legitimate international trade, and foreign intervention. It… Expand
Towards a typology of non-state actors in ‘hybrid warfare’: proxy, auxiliary, surrogate and affiliated forces
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  • Political Science
  • Cambridge Review of International Affairs
  • 2019
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