Hyaluronic acid hydrogel in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

  title={Hyaluronic acid hydrogel in the treatment of osteoarthritis.},
  author={Rolando Barbucci and Stefania Lamponi and Assunta Borzacchiello and Luigi Ambrosio and Milena Fini and Paola Torricelli and Roberto Giardino},
  volume={23 23},
In order to overcome the problem of rapid clearance of the polysaccharide hyaluronic acid (Hyal) in the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA), a 50% cross-linked Hyal hydrogel (Hyal 50%) was synthesised. The 50% refers to the amount of COOH groups of the polysaccharide involved in the cross-linking reaction. i.e. 50% of the total amount. The rheological behaviour of the Hyal 50% hydrogel, and in particular the possibility to inject it through a needle, was studied. The results obtained demonstrated… CONTINUE READING

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