Hyaluronan in the rat with special reference to the skin.

  title={Hyaluronan in the rat with special reference to the skin.},
  author={Rolf K. Reed and Karl Lilja and Torvard C. Laurent},
  journal={Acta physiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={134 3},
The total hyaluronan content has been determined in rats. The animals were frozen and sectioned in a cryostat before digestion with papain and pronase. The hyaluronan content was determined by a specific radioassay and it was found that 250 g rats contained 40-60 mg of the polysaccharide. The recovery from the preparation procedure was close to 100%, as determined from tracer experiments. More than half of the hyaluronan was found in skin, approximately one quarter in the skeleton and… CONTINUE READING