Hyaenodonts and Carnivorans from the Early Oligocene to Early Miocene of Xianshuihe Formation , Lanzhou Basin , Gansu Province , China

  title={Hyaenodonts and Carnivorans from the Early Oligocene to Early Miocene of Xianshuihe Formation , Lanzhou Basin , Gansu Province , China},
  author={Xiaoming Wang and Z Qiu and Banyue Wang},
Fieldwork in the 1990s produced a few records of carnivorous mammals (creodonts and carnivorans) in the early Oligocene through early Miocene of Lanzhou Basin, Gansu Province, China. Although only five taxa are known so far, most represented by fragmentary material, the new carnivore assemblage is unique and shows little resemblance to faunas elsewhere in eastern Asia. The early Oligocene record is represented by a single premolar of a Hyaenodon, referable to H. pervagus. In the early Miocene… CONTINUE READING


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