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Huntington’s Disease: The Past, Present, and Future Search for Disease Modifiers

  title={Huntington’s Disease: The Past, Present, and Future Search for
Disease Modifiers},
  author={Erin B. D. Clabough},
  booktitle={The Yale journal of biology and medicine},
  • Erin B. D. Clabough
  • Published in
    The Yale journal of biology…
  • Medicine
  • Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder that specifically causes neurodegeneration of striatal neurons, resulting in a triad of symptoms that includes emotional, cognitive, and motor disturbances. The HD mutation causes a polyglutamine repeat expansion within the N-terminal of the huntingtin (Htt) protein. This expansion causes aggregate formation within the cytosol and nucleus due to the presence of misfolded mutant Htt, as well as altered interactions with Htt's… CONTINUE READING
    De novo Synthesis of Sphingolipids Is Defective in Experimental Models of Huntington's Disease
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    Neurochemical correlation between major depressive disorder and neurodegenerative diseases.
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