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Hunger striking prisoners: the constitutionality of force-feeding.

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The Role of Doctors in Hunger Strikes
  • Y. Barilan
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal
  • 2017
A critical examination of the social history of prisoners’ hunger strikes, the philosophy of nonviolence, and the debate on its medicalization is offered, arguing that another paradigm is in play, and its incorporation may enrich and balance the discourse. Expand
Time to act : Vulnerabilities of aging prisoners in Switzerland
Three obligations arise for the care of aging prisoners: avoiding double-loyalty and paternalism in the doctor-patient- relationship, adapting the environment to the health needs of older prisoners, and facilitating access to all types of care available to older adults in the community including end-of- life care. Expand
Prison Inmates’ Right to Hunger Strike
Hunger strikes have long been used as a means of protest, as a last resort, especially by those in prison. Recently, government officials have responded to hunger strikes with force-feeding, anExpand
Southern Foodways and Culture: Local Considerations and Beyond
In response to skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, state and federal policymakers have developed public school-based programs to fight “America’s pandemic obesity problem.” These programs haveExpand
The physician and prison hunger strikes: reflecting on the experience in Turkey
The Turkish experience and debate about physician ethics during prison hunger strikes is examined in the hope that this analysis will be of use to those formulating policy in similar situations. Expand
Force-Feeding Asylum Seekers
In January this year over 200 detainees at the Woomera detention centre in South Australia went on a prolonged hunger strike. The protest was reportedly in response to delays in the processing ofExpand