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Humour across cultures : an appetizer

  title={Humour across cultures : an appetizer},
  author={Gert Jan Hofstede}
Joking is universal behaviour. Jokes provide playful ways of addressing taboo subjects that relate to the basic drives of people for sexuality, affiliation, novelty and dominance. Telling jokes is a way to achieve status, which is more a male preoccupation than a female one. But aside from the gender difference, people do not make the same kinds of jokes across the world. There are differences both in the process of joking, in joke style, and in the content of jokes. Are jokes subtle or blunt… 
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The Humour-Culture Interconnection: Exploring Humour Attributes in Morocco and Britain
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Los elementos culturales en el discurso humorístico de Naguib Mahfuz: análisis pragmático y problemática de su traducción
espanolNuestro objetivo es analizar el papel de los culturemas en la creacion del humor y la problematica de su traduccion al espanol en la obra de Naguib Mahfuz. Adoptamos una perspectiva


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