Humoral response to SIV/SMM infection in macaque and mangabey monkeys.

  title={Humoral response to SIV/SMM infection in macaque and mangabey monkeys.},
  author={Patricia N. Fultz and Raphael B Stricker and H M Mcclure and Daniel C. Anderson and William M Switzer and Chris Horaist},
  journal={Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes},
  volume={3 4},
Natural infection of sooty mangabey monkeys with simian immunodeficiency virus, designated SIV/SMM, results in long-term persistent infections with little or no disease. In contrast, experimental infection of macaques with isolates of SIV/SMM induces chronic and progressive disease that terminates in an AIDS-like illness and death in most animals. To determine whether antibodies might be important in preventing the development of disease in mangabeys or progression of disease in macaques… CONTINUE READING
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