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Hummel's Digital Transformation Toward Omnichannel Retailing: Key Lessons Learned

  title={Hummel's Digital Transformation Toward Omnichannel Retailing: Key Lessons Learned},
  author={Rina Hansen and Sia Siew Kien},
  journal={MIS Q. Executive},
With the growing use of mobile and social media, many organizations are realizing they need an online presence to reach out to digitally savvy customers. But delivering a seamless customer experience across various online and offline channels is challenging. The full article describes how Hummel, a European sports fashion company, overcame the challenges and successfully transitioned toward omnichannel retailing. (Omnichannel capabilities integrate online and offline channels in engaging and… Expand
Omnichannel retailing: The role of situational involvement in facilitating consumer experiences
The research used 256 valid responses to reveal that the omnichannel platform, platform synergy, and personalized incentives positively affect situational involvement, which directly affects consumer experiences, and that situational involvement mediates the effects of these factors on consumer experiences. Expand
Technology adoption for the integration of online–offline purchasing: Omnichannel strategies in the retail environment
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Exploring Omnichannel Retailing: Common Expectations and Diverse Reality
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The future of omnichannel retail: A four-stage Delphi study
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The Omnichannel Retailing Capabilities Wheel: Findings of the Literature
This paper proposes a set of two ordinary and six dynamic omnichannel retailing capabilities, which include an understanding of customer and market developments, integration and coordination of various channel activities, interaction with end-users, creation of an Omnichannel environment as well as network and an innovation ability. Expand
Prototyping the Omnichannel Solutions
In omnichannel marketing data and analysis of actual customer behaviour is required together with an innovative process to rapidly translate analytical findings into simple, designed prototypes thatExpand
Reconceptualizing Integration Quality Dynamics for Omnichannel Marketing
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The role of technology in an omnichannel physical store: Assessing the moderating effect of gender
The results show that the incorporation of new technologies in the physical store positively affects purchase intention, but no significant differences were found between the two groups. Expand
Consumer Experiences, the Key to Survive in an Omni-channel Environment: Use of Virtual Technology
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