Human variation in CYP-specific chlorpyrifos metabolism.

  title={Human variation in CYP-specific chlorpyrifos metabolism.},
  author={Edward L Croom and A. D. Wallace and Ernest Hodgson},
  volume={276 3},
Chlorpyrifos, an organophophorothioate insecticide, is bioactivated to the neurotoxic metabolite, chlorpyrifos-oxon (CPO) by cytochromes P450 (CYPs). To determine the variability in chlorpyrifos bioactivation, CPO production by human liver microsomes from 17 individual donors was compared relative to phenotype and genotype. CPO production varied over 14-fold between individuals in incubations utilizing 20 μM chlorpyrifos as substrate, while CPO production varied 57-fold in incubations with 100… CONTINUE READING