Human urine certified reference material for arsenic speciation.

  title={Human urine certified reference material for arsenic speciation.},
  author={Jun Yoshinaga and Amit Chatterjee and Yasuyuki Shibata and Mizuki Morita and John S. Edmonds},
  journal={Clinical chemistry},
  volume={46 11},
BACKGROUND Chemical speciation analysis is essential for the biological monitoring of inorganic arsenic exposure using urine as indicator medium. There is increasing demand for a certified reference material (CRM) of urine matrix for arsenic speciation. METHODS Urine (10 L) was collected from non-occupationally exposed Japanese males. We prepared 954 bottles of urine, each containing approximately 10 mL, after filtering and blending the urine stock. The urine in each bottle was freeze-dried… CONTINUE READING


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