Human urine - Chemical composition and fertilizer use efficiency

  title={Human urine - Chemical composition and fertilizer use efficiency},
  author={Holger Kirchmann and Sune Pettersson},
  journal={Fertilizer research},
Stored human urine had pH values of 8.9 and was composed of eight main ionic species (> 0.1 meq L−1), the cations Na, K, NH4, Ca and the anions, Cl, SO4, PO4 and HCO3. Nitrogen was mainly (> 90%) present as ammoniacal N, with ammonium bicarbonate being the dominant compound. Urea and urate decomposed during storage. Heavy metal concentrations in urine samples were low compared with other organic fertilizers, but copper, mercury, nickel and zinc were 10–500 times higher in urine than in… Expand

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