Human tolerance to a single, high dose of D-tagatose.

  title={Human tolerance to a single, high dose of D-tagatose.},
  author={Benjamin Buemann and S\oren Toubro and Anne Raben and Arne Astrup},
  journal={Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP},
  volume={29 2 Pt 2},
The addition of 29 g D-tagatose added as a sweetener to a continental breakfast was tested for the appearance of gastrointestinal side effects in a double-blind randomized cross-over study with 29 g sucrose as a control treatment. The subjects reported the side effects during 72 h following the test meal on a questionnaire grading the symptoms on a five-level scale ranging from "none" to "very strong." Although "rumbling in the stomach," "distention," "nausea," "rumbling in the gut… CONTINUE READING


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