Human therapeutic cocaine vaccine: safety and immunogenicity.

  title={Human therapeutic cocaine vaccine: safety and immunogenicity.},
  author={Thomas R. Kosten and Marc Rosen and Julian Bond and Michael Settles and John St Clair Roberts and John Shields and L. P. Jack and Barbara Fox},
  volume={20 7-8},
This randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, phase I clinical trial assessed the safety and immunogenicity of a therapeutic cocaine vaccine TA-CD in 34 former cocaine abusers: 8 at 13 microg active vaccine, 10 at 82 microg and 10 at 709 microg, with two additional subjects getting placebo in each cohort. All got intra-muscular injections at 0-2 months and were monitored for safety and antibody production for 3 months. Of the 34 subjects 27 completed the full course of three injections, of… CONTINUE READING