Human skeletal muscle: properties of the "chemically skinned%" fiber.

  title={Human skeletal muscle: properties of the "chemically skinned%" fiber.},
  author={D. S. Wood and J R Zollman and John Reuben and Philip W. Brandt},
  volume={187 4181},
A "skinning%" procedure is described for irreversibly disrupting the sarcolemmal membrane of human skeletal muscle and allowing calcium and other diffusible solutes (such as adenosine triphosphate) access to the myofilament space. Single skinned fibers give isometric tensions of about 1.5 kilograms per square centimeter when exposed to ionized calcium event after 1 to 2 weeks of storage at 5 degrees C. For up to 5 days the preparation will sequester and, under appropriate conditions (anion… CONTINUE READING

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