Human sera with precipitating antibodies to human soluble immune complexes. A brief communication.


INTRODUCTION Previous numerous papers by the senior author dealt with the human serum factor referred to as anti-antibody which is specifically directed against IgG antibodies that underwent molecular transformation in the course of the reactions with their corresponding antigens. The reactions of this serum factor could be conveniently detected by means of agglutination of Rh-positive erythrocytes sensitized by anti Rh antibodies. No precipitation tests could be developed. MATERIAL AND METHODS Most studies were conducted by means of double diffusion in gel precipitation. RESULTS A rheumatoid arthritis serum, G, was noted that produced a strong reaction of double diffusion in gel precipitation with serum samples of a renal graft recipient, T. Further screening detected one more rheumatoid arthritis serum reacting with T; of 28 sera from renal graft recipients, 6 reacted in a similar way to T, but the reactions were considerably weaker and poorly reproducible. Evidence was presented that the precipitin in the two rheumatoid arthritis sera under study had properties of previously described anti-antibody. CONCLUSIONS Sera with precipitating anti-antibodies may serve as exquisite reagents for detection of soluble immune complexes in human sera.

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