Human ret proto-oncogene mapped to chromosome 10q11.2.

  title={Human ret proto-oncogene mapped to chromosome 10q11.2.},
  author={Yukihito Ishizaka and Fumio Itoh and Tomoko Tahira and Ichiro Ikeda and Takashi Sugimura and Julie Tucker and A. M. Fertitta and Anthony Carrano and Minako Nagao},
  volume={4 12},
Using cosmid clones derived from human ret protooncogene as probes, we determined its chromosome localization by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Two overlapping clones, cret-1 and -2, which were cloned using the most 5' part of human ret proto-oncogene cDNA, hybridized to chromosome 10q11.2. Sixty-three and 52% of the grains obtained by cret-1 and -2, respectively, were localized to the same site. No other specific hybridization site was observed. From these data, we assigned the site of… CONTINUE READING