Human resource management in Europe: evidence from ten countries

  title={Human resource management in Europe: evidence from ten countries},
  author={Chris Brewster and Henrik HoltLarsen and Fons J. Trompenaars},
  journal={International Journal of Human Resource Management},
The subject of human resource management (HRM) and its development has been much contested in the literature. Most of the relevant theories originated in the United States of America. There is in the literature no distinctly ‘European’ approach to HRM and, indeed, our knowledge of comparative HRM practices in different European states is limited. This paper draws on a major new research project which has gathered data from ten European countries to argue that practices in these countries can be… 

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ENVIRONMENT, STRATEGY, AND ORGANIZATION. The External Context of Human Resource Management (C. Fombrun). The Organizational Context of Strategic Human Resource Management (N. Tichy, et al.). A