[Human reliability in manned spaceflight].

  • D Wang, W H Huang
  • Published 1996 in
    Hang tian yi xue yu yi xue gong cheng = Space…


Human error may threaten the security in manned spaceflight, this paper discusses the importance of the role played by man and human reliability in spaceflight safety, and analyses the reduction of human reliability by errors. The causes of the errors are also analysed in respect to reduction of risk of astronaut selection, strengthening of training, provision of medical monitoring and supplies, as well as prevention of errors from management factors. Measures to raise human reliability are proposed

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@article{Wang1996HumanRI, title={[Human reliability in manned spaceflight].}, author={D Wang and W H Huang}, journal={Hang tian yi xue yu yi xue gong cheng = Space medicine & medical engineering}, year={1996}, volume={9 4}, pages={295-301} }