Human reaming debris: a source of multipotent stem cells.

  title={Human reaming debris: a source of multipotent stem cells.},
  author={Sabine Wenisch and Katja Trinkaus and Anne Hild and Dirk Hose and Katja Herde and Christian Heiss and Olaf Kilian and Volker Alt and Reinhard Schnettler},
  volume={36 1},
The biological characteristics of human reaming debris (HRD) generated in the course of surgical treatment of long bone diaphyseal fractures and nonunions are still a matter of dispute. Therefore, the objective of the present investigation has been to characterize the intrinsic properties of human reaming debris in vitro. Samples of reaming debris harvested from 12 patients with closed diaphyseal fractures were examined ultrastucturally and were cultured under standard conditions. After a lag… CONTINUE READING