Human pulmonary dirofilariasis: analysis of 24 cases from São Paulo, Brazil.

  title={Human pulmonary dirofilariasis: analysis of 24 cases from S{\~a}o Paulo, Brazil.},
  author={J R Milanez de Campos and Carmen S. V. Barbas and Luiz Tarc{\'i}sio Brito Filomeno and Angelo Fernandez and H{\'e}lio Minamoto and Joel Veiga Filho and F{\'a}abio Biscegli Jatene},
  volume={112 3},
STUDY OBJECTIVE To present the clinical, radiologic, and pathologic aspects of 24 cases of human pulmonary dirofilariasis (HPD) from São Paulo, Brazil. DESIGN Retrospective study of 24 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of HPD over a 14-year period (from February 1982 to June 1996). SETTING Thoracic Surgery and Pulmonary Division, University of São Paulo and Hospital Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil. RESULTS Seventeen patients were male (70.1%) and seven were female (29.9%). Their mean… CONTINUE READING


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