Human preduodenal lipase is entirely of gastric fundic origin.

  title={Human preduodenal lipase is entirely of gastric fundic origin.},
  author={Huberte Moreau and Ren{\'e} Laugier and Youssef Tal{\`e}l Gargouri and Francine Ferrato and Robert Verger},
  volume={95 5},
Lipase activity was measured in supernatant homogenates from various anatomic regions in the upper part of the human digestive tract of two organ donors. It is shown unambiguously that lipase activity occurs only in the fundic mucosa of the stomach, whereas no significant activity takes place in the antral, pharyngeal, or lingual areas, including the circumvallate papillae. In adults, the potential activity of human gastric lipase, as measured using tributyrin as substrate, amounts to 20% of… CONTINUE READING

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