Human placental HLA-G expression is restricted to differentiated cytotrophoblasts.

  title={Human placental HLA-G expression is restricted to differentiated cytotrophoblasts.},
  author={Michael T Mcmaster and Cifford Librach and Yan Zhou and Kee Hak Lim and Mary J. Janatpour and Robert Demars and Susan Kovats and Caroline C Damsky and Susan J. Fisher},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={154 8},
Human placental trophoblasts lie at the maternal-fetal interface, a position in which they could play an important role in maternal tolerance of the fetal semi-allograft. Central to this hypothesis is their unusual MHC class I expression: they suppress class Ia production while expressing HLA-G, a class Ib molecule. We investigated human trophoblast HLA-G protein production in vivo and in vitro. We first used a synthetic peptide corresponding to the variable sequence of the alpha 1 domain to… CONTINUE READING
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