Human peroxiredoxin 5 is a peroxynitrite reductase.

  title={Human peroxiredoxin 5 is a peroxynitrite reductase.},
  author={Marl{\`e}ne L Dubuisson and Delphine Vander Stricht and Andr{\'e} Clippe and Florence Etienne and Thomas Nauser and Reinhard Kissner and Willem H Koppenol and J Rees and Bernard Knoops},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={571 1-3},
Peroxiredoxins are an ubiquitous family of peroxidases widely distributed among prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Peroxiredoxin 5, which is the last discovered mammalian member, was previously shown to reduce peroxides with the use of reducing equivalents derived from thioredoxin. We report here that human peroxiredoxin 5 is also a peroxynitrite reductase. Analysis of peroxiredoxin 5 mutants, in which each of the cysteine residues was mutated, suggests that the nucleophilic attack on the O-O bond of… CONTINUE READING