Human papillomavirus-related small cell carcinoma of the oropharynx.

  title={Human papillomavirus-related small cell carcinoma of the oropharynx.},
  author={Justin A Bishop and William H Westra},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={35 11},
Human papillomavirus (HPV)-related oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSqCC) represents an important subgroup of head and neck cancer that is characterized by a distinct risk factor profile, a relatively consistent microscopic appearance, and a favorable prognosis. A growing experience with HPV testing of OPSqCCs has uncovered variants that deviate from prototypic HPV-related cancer with respect to morphology but not clinical behavior. In effect, HPV positivity confers a favorable… CONTINUE READING


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