Human monoclonal thyroid stimulating autoantibody.

  title={Human monoclonal thyroid stimulating autoantibody.},
  author={J. 0. Sanders and Mich{\`e}le Evans and Lakdasa D K E Premawardhana and Hilde Depraetere and Jennifer Jeffreys and Tonya Richards and Jadwiga Furmaniak and Bernard Rees Smith},
  volume={362 9378},
A monoclonal autoantibody (MAb) with powerful thyroid stimulating activity has been produced from lymphocytes from a patient with Graves' disease. The autoantibody and its Fab fragment bind to the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) receptor (TSHR) with high affinity, inhibit labelled TSH binding to the receptor and stimulate cyclic AMP production in Chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with TSHR. TSHR autoantibodies with TSH agonist or antagonist activities from patients' serum samples are… CONTINUE READING

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