Human malignant glioma cell lines are sensitive to low radiation doses.

  title={Human malignant glioma cell lines are sensitive to low radiation doses.},
  author={Patrick D. Beauchesne and Suzanne Bertrand and Robert Branche and Steven P. Linke and Roland Revel and J. -F. Dor{\'e} and Remy M. Pedeux},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={105 1},
Malignant gliomas display aggressive local behavior and are not cured by existing therapy. Some cell lines that are considered radioresistant respond to low radiation doses (<1 Gy) with increased cell killing (low-dose hypersensitivity). In our study, 4 of 5 human glioma cell lines exhibited significant X-ray sensitivity at doses below 1 Gy. The surviving fractions (SFs) obtained at 0.7 and/or 0.8 Gy were comparable to those at 1.5 Gy. Low-dose hypersensitivity was evident when irradiation was… CONTINUE READING

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