Human magnetic resonance imaging at 8 T.

  title={Human magnetic resonance imaging at 8 T.},
  author={P M Robitaille and Amir M. Abduljalil and Allahyar Kangarlu and Xin Zhang and Yingjian Yu and Russel E Burgess and Scott Bair and P Noa and Li-chuan Yang and He Zhu and B.. Palmer and Zongfu Jiang and D M Chakeres and Dimitrios Spigos},
  journal={NMR in biomedicine},
  volume={11 6},
In this work, we present the first human magnetic resonance image (MRI) obtained at ultrahigh field strengths (8 T). We demonstrate that clinical imaging will be possible at 8 T and that reasonable quality head images can be obtained at this field strength. Most importantly, we emphasize that the power required to excite the spins at 8 T is much lower than had previously been predicted by the nuclear magnetic resonance theory. A 90 degree pulse in the head at 8 T requires only approximately 0… CONTINUE READING

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