Human lung carcinomas express Fas ligand.

  title={Human lung carcinomas express Fas ligand.},
  author={Gloria A. Niehans and Thomas Levin Brunner and Sandra P. Frizelle and Joyce C Liston and Christopher Salerno and Darin J. Knapp and Douglas R Green and Robert Arthur Kratzke},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={57 6},
To reach a clinically detectable size, neoplasms must be able to suppress or evade a host immune response. Activated T cells may enter apoptosis in the presence of Fas ligand (FasL) (1), and tissue expression of FasL has been shown to contribute to immune privilege in the eye and testis (2, 3). We have demonstrated that all human lung carcinoma cell lines tested (16 of 16) express a Mr 38,000 protein consistent with FasL by immunoblotting, whereas the majority of resected tumors (23 of 28) show… CONTINUE READING


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