Human insulin analog--induced lipoatrophy.

  title={Human insulin analog--induced lipoatrophy.},
  author={Ximena L{\'o}pez and Mariana Castells and Alyne Ricker and Elsa F. Velazquez and Edward F Mun and Allison B. Goldfine},
  journal={Diabetes care},
  volume={31 3},
OBJECTIVE To characterize the pathophysiology of recombinant human insulin-induced lipoatrophy. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We performed immunologic laboratory evaluation and skin testing for different insulin analogs and diluents in patients with type 1 diabetes and severe insulin-induced local lipoatrophy. Subcutaneous adipose tissue biopsies of areas of acute (7 days) and chronic insulin administration were examined. Topical sodium cromolyn was applied twice a day to atrophic areas and… CONTINUE READING