Human inner ear OCP2 cDNA maps to 5q22-5q35.2 with related sequences on chromosomes 4p16.2-4p14, 5p13-5q22, 7pter-q22, 10 and 12p13-12qter.


Mouse Ocp2-rs2 maps to chromosome 11 and encodes an 18.6 kDa peptide abundantly expressed in the organ of Corti. We show that sequences similar to murine Ocp2-rs2 are found on human chromosomes 4p16.2-4p14, 5p13-5q35.2, 7pter-q22, 10 and 12p13-12qter as revealed by Southern blot analyses of human/rodent somatic cell hybrids. A fetal human inner ear cDNA… (More)


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