Human hybridomas from patients with malignant disease.


Lymphocytes from 180 patients with a variety of malignant diseases were collected and fused with a human myeloma-derived line, LON-LICR-HMy2/CAM1. A total of 162 hybridomas was obtained. Only B lymphocyte markers were found on the surface of the fusion products. Flow cytometric analysis revealed a stably increased DNA content in the hybridoma cells. Some hybridoma supernatants were found to contain new Ig chains. Anti-tumour binding activity was found in 12 supernatants.

DOI: 10.1038/bjc.1983.16

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@article{Sikora1983HumanHF, title={Human hybridomas from patients with malignant disease.}, author={Krzysztof Sikora and Th. Alderson and J. Ellis and Jean Phillips and James V. Watson}, journal={British Journal of Cancer}, year={1983}, volume={47}, pages={135 - 145} }