Human genome completed (again)

  title={Human genome completed (again)},
  author={Helen R. Pearson},
Scientists today publish the sequence of chromosome 1: the largest and last of the human chromosomes to be done and dusted. News@nature finds out what this latest milestone means. 
Targeted proteomics methods for protein quantification of human cells, tissues and blood
The common concept in this thesis was to adapt and develop quantitative mass spectrometric assays focusing on reagents originating from the Human Protein Atlas project to quantify proteins in human
A historical and evolutionary perspective on the biological significance of circulating DNA and extracellular vesicles
To fully grasp the nature of cirDNA and the extracellular vesicles (EVs) and protein complexes with which it is associated, it is necessary to probe the early and badly neglected work that contributed to the discovery and development of these concepts.


The DNA sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1
The finished sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1 is reported, which reveals patterns of sequence variation that reveal signals of recent selection in specific genes that may contribute to human fitness, and also in regions where no function is evident.