Human gastric emptying and colonic filling of solids characterized by a new method.

  title={Human gastric emptying and colonic filling of solids characterized by a new method.},
  author={Michael Camilleri and L J Colemont and Sidney F. Phillips and Manuel L. Brown and George M. Thomforde and Natalie Chapman and Alan R. Zinsmeister},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={257 2 Pt 1},
Our first aim was to compare 111In-labeled Amberlite IR-12OP resin pellets and 131I-labeled fiber in the assessment of gastric and small bowel transit and colonic filling in healthy humans. Both radiolabels were highly stable for 3 h in an in vitro stomach model and remained predominantly bound to solid phase of stools collected over 5 days [90.5 +/- 2.1 (SE)% for 131I and 87.4 +/- 1.4% for 111In). The lag phase of gastric emptying was shorter for 111In-pellets (30 +/- 11 min compared with 58… CONTINUE READING


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