Human galectin-3 interacts with two anticancer drugs.

  title={Human galectin-3 interacts with two anticancer drugs.},
  author={Vanya Petkova Bogoeva and Antonio Varriale and Constance M. John and Sabato d'Auria},
  volume={10 10},
Human galectin-3 (hGal-3) is a mammalian lectin involved in regulation of RNA splicing, apoptosis, cell differentiation, and proliferation. Multimerized extracellular hGal-3 is thought to crosslink cells by binding to glycoproteins and glycosylated cancer antigens on the cell surface or extracellular matrix. Fluorescence spectroscopy and circular dichroism were used to study the interaction of hGal-3 with two anticancer agents: bohemine and Zn porphyrin (ZnTPPS(4)). The dissociation constant (k… CONTINUE READING