Human fallopian tube neutrophils--a distinct phenotype from blood neutrophils.

  title={Human fallopian tube neutrophils--a distinct phenotype from blood neutrophils.},
  author={Jennifer Smith and Charles R Wira and Michael W. Fanger and Li Shen},
  journal={American journal of reproductive immunology},
  volume={56 4},
PROBLEM The role of neutrophils in the human Fallopian tube (FT) is unknown. In order to provide insights into their functions in the FT, we systematically compared neutrophils from normal FT and peripheral blood (PB). METHOD OF STUDY Flow cytometric analysis of surface receptors, granule proteins, and intracellular cytokines expressed by neutrophils from enzymatically dispersed FT and PB was performed. RESULTS Fallopian tube neutrophils expressed significantly higher levels of CD64, human… CONTINUE READING


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