Human factor H-related protein 5 (FHR-5). A new complement-associated protein.

  title={Human factor H-related protein 5 (FHR-5). A new complement-associated protein.},
  author={Jennifer L. McRae and Peter J Cowan and David A. Power and Kenneth I. Mitchelhill and Bruce E. Kemp and B. Paul Morgan and Brendan F. Murphy},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={276 9},
A novel human plasma protein has been identified as a universal component of complement deposits, when complement is detected immunohistochemically in vivo. The protein is homologous to complement factor H and related proteins and has been designated factor H-related protein 5 (FHR-5). FHR-5 was identified by a monoclonal antibody raised using pathologic human glomerular preparations as the immunogen. FHR-5 was purified by affinity chromatography from complement-lysed erythrocytes, and the… CONTINUE READING

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