Human exposure to piroplasms in Central and Northern Italy.


TA serosurvey has been conducted in Northern and Central Italy to investigate the presence in humans of antibodies against zoonotic Babesia and Theileria species. The study focused on a total of 432 volunteers, of which 290 were persistently exposed to tick bites because of their jobs (forester employees, livestock keepers, veterinary practitioners, farmers… (More)
DOI: 10.12834/VetIt.1302.13


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@article{Gabrielli2014HumanET, title={Human exposure to piroplasms in Central and Northern Italy.}, author={S. Gabrielli and Pietro Calderini and Rudi Cassini and Roberta Galuppi and Maria Paola Tampieri and Mario Pietrobelli and Gabriella A Cancrini}, journal={Veterinaria italiana}, year={2014}, volume={50 1}, pages={41-7} }