Human erythrocyte dematin and protein 4.2 (pallidin) are ATP binding proteins.

  title={Human erythrocyte dematin and protein 4.2 (pallidin) are ATP binding proteins.},
  author={Anser C. Azim and Shirin M. Marfatia and Catherine Korsgren and E M Dotimas and Carl M. Cohen and Athar H Chishti},
  volume={35 9},
Dematin and protein 4.2 are peripheral membrane proteins associated with the cytoplasmic surface of the human erythrocyte plasma membrane. Isoforms of dematin and protein 4.2 exist in many nonerythroid cells. In solution, dematin is a trimeric protein containing two subunits of 48 kDa and one subunit of 52 kDa. Recent determination of the primary structure of the 52 kDa subunit of dematin showed that it contains an additional 22-amino acid sequence in the headpiece domain. An alignment of the… CONTINUE READING

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