Human epidermal growth factor and the proliferation of human fibroblasts.

  title={Human epidermal growth factor and the proliferation of human fibroblasts.},
  author={Graham F Carpenter and Stanley R. Cohen},
  journal={Journal of cellular physiology},
  volume={88 2},
The effect of human epidermal growth factor (hEGF), a 5,400 molecular weight polypeptide isolated from human urine, on the growth of human foreskin fibroblasts (HF cells) was studied by measuring cell numbers and the incorporation of labeled thymidine. The addition of hEGF to HF cells growing in a medium containing 10% calf serum resulted in a 4-fold increase in the final density. The presence of hEGF also promoted the growth of HF cells in media containing either 1% calf serum or 10% gamma… CONTINUE READING

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