Human disease resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields1)

  title={Human disease resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields1)},
  author={David O. Carpenter},
  booktitle={Reviews on environmental health},
  • D. Carpenter
  • Published in
    Reviews on environmental…
    1 December 2013
  • Physics
Abstract Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) include everything from cosmic rays through visible light to the electric and magnetic fields associated with electricity. While the high frequency fields have sufficient energy to cause cancer, the question of whether there are human health hazards associated with communication radiofrequency (RF) EMFs and those associated with use of electricity remains controversial. The issue is more important than ever given the rapid increase in the use of cell… 

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Searching for the Perfect Wave: The Effect of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields on Cells
In vitro and in vivo and epidemiological works that gave a new insight about the effect of radio frequency (RF) exposure, relating to intracellular molecular pathways that lead to biological and functional outcomes are reviewed.
Excessive exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields may cause the development of electrohypersensitivity.
  • D. Carpenter
  • Medicine
    Alternative therapies in health and medicine
  • 2014
Questions about the existence of EHS go back to the days of the Cold War and differing concepts related to the effects of RF radiation, and important factors were peak power density, carrier frequency, and modulation.
In Vitro and In Vivo Effects of Radio- Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
This review analyzes and summarizes existing studies indicating various negative effects of radio frequency electromagnetic fields on human and animal cells and concludes that only further research can provide an answer to the possible negative effectsof mobile phones and Wi-Fi networks usage.
Assessing the Health Risk Due to Exposure to Non-ionizing Radiation in the Form of Magnetic Field from Electrical Power Lines
  • Physics
    Science Letters
  • 2021
We are all exposed to electromagnetic fields from electrical appliances, electric power transmission lines, distribution lines and power substations. This study was focused on investigating the
The different sources of electromagnetic fields: Dangers are not limited to physical health
  • F. Deruelle
  • Computer Science
    Electromagnetic biology and medicine
  • 2020
The impact of electromagnetic waves on health has been clearly established by many studies in recent decades, but why the wave level is only increasing despite the considerable amount of scientific work demonstrating that the standards are not adequate to maintain public health is unclear.
Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them
There is a vast amount of evidence in the independent scientific literature that conflicts with both the conclusion about lack of demonstrated effects and the conclusion that there is no known mechanism by which effects can be produced.
The cellular effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on osteoblasts: A review
Compared in vitro studies on PEMFs on different osteoblast models are compared, which elucidate potential mechanisms of action for P EMFs, up to the most recent insights into the role of primary cilia, and highlight the critical issues underlying at least some of the inconsistent results in the available literature.
Electromagnetic Biological Effect on Mice in Wireless Power Transmission System
The liver shows the greatest morphological changes, which is consistent with the simulation results, and provides a theoretical basis for the security assessment of the wireless power transmission system.
Effects of electromagnetic fields on serum lipids in workers of a power plant
Chronic EMF exposure was associated with the change of serum lipid levels and might modulate the process of lipid metabolism, and was shown to be associated with an increased level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.


Setting Prudent Public Health Policy for Electromagnetic Field Exposures
Because of ubiquitous exposure, the rapidly expanding development of new EMF technologies and the long latency for the development of such serious diseases as brain cancers, the failure to take immediate action risks epidemics of potentially fatal diseases in the future.
Human Health Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields
The present chapter deals with that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that has lower energy and longer wavelengths than the infrared, including the extra low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields
Radiofrequency exposure near high-voltage lines.
The presence on an electric grid of radiofrequency currents used for communications and remote control implies that radiofrequency (RF) magnetic fields are present near the electric network in addition to the 50/60 Hz fields.
Epidemiologic evidence relevant to radar (microwave) effects.
The findings suggest that RF exposures are potentially carcinogenic and have other health effects, and prudent avoidance of unneeded exposures is recommended as a precautionary measure.
Radiofrequency Radiation and Gene/Protein Expression: A Review
Abstract Mobile telecommunications have developed considerably in recent years. With the proliferation of wireless technologies, there is much public anxiety about the potential health impact
Genotoxic effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.
  • H. W. Ruediger
  • Biology
    Pathophysiology : the official journal of the International Society for Pathophysiology
  • 2009
Lymphomas in E mu-Pim1 transgenic mice exposed to pulsed 900 MHZ electromagnetic fields.
Long-term intermittent exposure to RF fields can enhance the probability that mice carrying a lymphomagenic oncogene will develop lymphomas, and it is suggested that such genetically cancer-prone mice provide an experimental system for more detailed assessment of dose-response relationships for risk of cancer after RF-field exposure.
Occupational Magnetic Field Exposure and Neurodegenerative Disease
This study gives some support to the hypothesis that EMF exposure increases the risk of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and suggests that magnetic field exposure may represent a late-acting influence in the disease process.
Cell Type-Dependent Induction of DNA Damage by 1800 MHz Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Does Not Result in Significant Cellular Dysfunctions
RF-EMF induces DNA damage in a cell type-dependent manner, but the elevated γH2AX foci formation in HSF cells does not result in significant cellular dysfunctions.
Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields (up to 300 GHz). International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.
The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)—was established as a successor to the IRPA/INIRC, which developed a number of health criteria documents on NIR as part of WHO’s Environmental Health Criteria Programme, sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).