Human cytomegalovirus encodes three G protein-coupled receptor homologues

  title={Human cytomegalovirus encodes three G protein-coupled receptor homologues},
  author={Mark S. Chee and S. C. Satchwell and E C Preddie and Kathryn M. Weston and Barclay G. Barrell},
HUMAN cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is a herpesvirus with a genome of 230 kilobases (Kb) encoding about 200 genes1. Although infection is generally innocuous, HCMV causes serious congenital and neonatal disease, and is a dangerous opportunistic pathogen in immune-deficient individuals2. We have identified a family of three HCMV genes which encode polypeptides containing seven putative membrane-spanning domains, and a series of well-defined motifs characteristic of the rhodopsin-like G protein-coupled… CONTINUE READING
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