Human coronary atherosclerosis modulates cardiac natriuretic peptide release.

  title={Human coronary atherosclerosis modulates cardiac natriuretic peptide release.},
  author={Emanuele Barbato and Speranza Rubattu and Jozef J. Bartunek and Andrea Berni and Giovanna Sarno and Marc Vanderheyden and Leen Delrue and Domenico Maria Zardi and Biagio Andrea Pace and Bernard De Bruyne and William Wijns and Massimo Volpe},
  volume={206 1},
UNLABELLED Natriuretic peptides (NPs) modulate vasodilatation and vascular remodelling. In human coronary explants, expression of NPs mRNA and their respective receptors is significantly more pronounced with advanced atherosclerotic lesions. AIMS We hypothesize that vascular atherosclerosis modulates NP release in vivo during progressive stages of coronary atherosclerosis. METHODS AND RESULTS NT-proANP (A) and NT-proBNP (B) were assessed on blood samples of 194 patients. Coronary… CONTINUE READING


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