Human complement (C3b) receptors defined by a mouse monoclonal antibody.

  title={Human complement (C3b) receptors defined by a mouse monoclonal antibody.},
  author={Johannes Gerdes and M. Naiem and David Mason and Harald Von Stein},
  volume={45 4},
The aim of the present study was to prepare a monoclonal antibody against human C3 receptors. The monoclonal antibody termed C3RTo5, which is characterized in this study, inhibited the ligand binding of C3b receptors of human erythrocytes, neutrophils and lymphocytes, but did not block the ligand binding of C3bi and C3d receptors. C3RTo5 reacted only with cells that express C3b receptors. It did not react with cells that do not express C3 receptors or with cells that express C3 receptors other… CONTINUE READING