Human chromosome variation with two Robertsonian translocations

  title={Human chromosome variation with two Robertsonian translocations},
  author={Rodman Morgan and Helen Bixenman and Frederick Hecht},
  journal={Human Genetics},
A woman was found to have 42 autosomes due to engagement of both chromosomes 14 in Robertsonian rearrangements, one with a chromosome 21 and the other with a chromosome 22: t(14q21q) and t(14q22q). The two translocations appear monocentric and by silver staining have no rRNA activity. The t(14q21q) translocation is familial and was ascertained through a nephew with Down syndrome, while the origin of the t(14q22q) translocation was not established. In addition to these two translocations, the… CONTINUE READING

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