Human chromosome 11 DNA sequence and analysis including novel gene identification

  title={Human chromosome 11 DNA sequence and analysis including novel gene identification},
  author={Todd D. Taylor and Hideki Noguchi and Yasushi Totoki and Atsushi Toyoda and Yoko Kuroki and Ken Dewar and Christine Lloyd and Takehiko Itoh and Tadayuki Takeda and Dae-Won Kim and Xinwei She and Karen F. Barlow and Toby Bloom and Elspeth A. Bruford and Jean L. Chang and Christina A Cuomo and Evan E. Eichler and Michael Fitzgerald and David B. Jaffe and Kurt LaButti and Robert Nicol and Hong-Seog Park and Christopher A. Seaman and Carrie L. Sougnez and Xiaoping Yang and Andrew R. Zimmer and Michael C. Zody and Bruce W. Birren and Chad Nusbaum and Asao Fujiyama and Masahira Hattori and Jane Rogers and Eric S. Lander and Yoshiyuki Sakaki},
Chromosome 11, although average in size, is one of the most gene- and disease-rich chromosomes in the human genome. Initial gene annotation indicates an average gene density of 11.6 genes per megabase, including 1,524 protein-coding genes, some of which were identified using novel methods, and 765 pseudogenes. One-quarter of the protein-coding genes shows overlap with other genes. Of the 856 olfactory receptor genes in the human genome, more than 40% are located in 28 single- and multi-gene… CONTINUE READING


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