Human cell senescence as a DNA damage response.

  title={Human cell senescence as a DNA damage response.},
  author={Thomas von Zglinicki and Gabriele Saretzki and Juliane Ladhoff and Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna and Stephen P. Jackson},
  journal={Mechanisms of ageing and development},
  volume={126 1},
It has been established that telomere-dependent replicative senescence of human fibroblasts is stress-dependent. First, it was shown that telomere shortening, which is a major contributor to telomere uncapping, is stress-dependent to a significant degree. Second, the signalling pathway connecting telomere uncapping and replicative senescence appears to be the same as the one that is activated by DNA damage: uncapped telomeres activate signalling cascades involving the protein kinases ATM, ATR… CONTINUE READING

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