Human body heat for powering wearable devices: From thermal energy to application

  title={Human body heat for powering wearable devices: From thermal energy to application},
  author={Moritz Thielen and Lukas Sigrist and Michele Magno and C. Hierold and L. Benini},
  journal={Energy Conversion and Management},
  • Moritz Thielen, Lukas Sigrist, +4 authors L. Benini
  • Published 2017
  • Engineering
  • Energy Conversion and Management
  • Abstract Energy harvesting is the key technology to enable self-sustained wearable devices for the Internet of Things and medical applications. Among various types of harvesting sources such as light, vibration and radio frequency, thermoelectric generators (TEG) are a promising option due to their independence of light conditions or the activity of the wearer. This work investigates scavenging of human body heat and the optimization of the power conversion efficiency from body core to the… CONTINUE READING
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